Osch’s river Thames (ENG)

A short time ago I wrote about the street artist Osch

While I was in the East London looking for some new art materials today, I found this new work: the face with the smile shaped as the river Thames. 


Osch – Otto Schade in London (ENG)

I love street art, and London offers herself as a boundless canvas.

I mean, there is maybe lot of rubbish out there, but there are also some real artists and people of amazing creativity and insights. London’s brick walls and maze-like streets speak and say a lot, if you stop and listen to them!

Right now, one of my favourite street artists is Osch – Otto Schade. He’s a Chilean artist and in these years (say, the last two years) I’ve seen lots of his artworks around the city.

I particularly like his “spheres” : you can notice one of Osch’s sphere from far away – his style is unmistakable.

“Say it with flowers”.

“Say it with flowers/Girl picking special flowers “. September 2017. Credit: me.
“Say it with flowers/Girl picking special flowers “, particular. September 2017. Credit: me.
“Don Quijote riding away from a Nuclear Power Station”. September 2017, credit: me.

Osch at Camdem Lock, through the weeping willows:

At Camden Lock, September 2017. Credit: me.
Camden Lock and weeping willows, September 2017. Credit: me.
Camden Lock and street food, September 2017. Credit: me.


September 2017. Credit: me.

… Paper…

Semptember 2017. Credit: me.

… Scissors.

September 2017. Credit: me


September 2017. Credit: me.

The next one is from July 2016:

July 2016. Credit: me.

Today I was in Schoredich (see Joan Cornellà solo in Shoreditch (ENG)), and after the Cornellà exhibition I looked after a bit more of East London’s street art.

“Flies around shit”

September 2017. Credit: me.
September 2017. Credit: me.

This one should be brand new, since it wasn’t there a couple of weeks ago. It made me think about that deadly children game Trump and Kim Jong-un are playing right now….

September 2017. Credir: me.

About that, here is a cartoon I’ve saved from a very recent Evening Standard copy:

Cosy socks.

And this is the same street wall but last year, September 2016:

Osch and stick figures, Septermber 2016. Credit: me.
September 2016. Credit: me.

I’ve discovered that this style is called “orb style”: Around London, you can find also many “ribbon style” Osch works: a rhino, a bull, some fishes… – animals and human figures.

Fishes, September 2017. Credit: me.
Fish, particular, September 2017. Credit: me.

I leave you with this brief documentary by Maria Evrenos and Marine Candele:



Joan Cornellà solo in Shoreditch (ENG)

Reality is quite creepy”

Today I wandered around my favourite area of London: the vibrant, ever changing Shoredich, my street art paradise.

I visited the solo exhibition of the Barcelona-based illustrator and cartoonist Joan Cornellà (hosted at Hoxton Arches till October 1st).




Joan Cornellà: morbid, unsettling, sinister, flat-out offensive and provoking, unconventional, unnerving, cynic, coarse, truly sincere.






Me. Yep, I’m a selfie addicted.


This particular painting made me remember an article read the evening before about the Grenfell Tower disaster, in which the survivors asked the people to stop coming there and making selfies in front of the tower block where eighty people have died.


Brutal double selfie.





“Everything from our unnatural connection to social media and masturbatory selfie culture to political topics such abortion, addiction and gender issues – no subject is off limits.” (from the exhibition’s panel)


What’s going on? | Che succede? (ENG+IT version)

English + Italian version

I’ll be 24 in, like, few months. I’m moving to London at the end of the summer: on August the 27th in fact. I made this decision recently, but everything is almost ready. I’m very excited about the change. 

I’ll stay at my partner’s place and I’ll try to find a job, learn English, open my mind as much as I can. I won’t stop to do amateur astronomy, of course.   

I’ll make lot of art.

If you wanna support me in this project, I’m publishing my artworks, progresses and experiment on my Instagram page:  alex_drawings_art.

I’ll open an Etsy shop this September (the shop already exist, but it’s empty). I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

I’m working hard these days to produce and project artworks… these works are linked to nature, animals, the human body, the night sky and astronomy, and maths

Thank you guys, see you soon.

IMG_20170717_164322 (1)
“Tail”, watercolors and ink.
White Chrismats, Black Mirror.
Charcoal nudes.
Making of.
Making of.


Tra qualche mese compirò 24 anni. Alla fine di agosto mi trasferisco a Londra – il 27 agosto per la precisione. Ho preso questa decisione recentemente, ed è quasi tutto pronto. Ne sono molto felice.

Raggiungerò là il mio compagno e quello che farò sarà cercare un lavoro, imparare l’inglese, aprire il più possibile la mia mente. Continuerò a dedicarmi all’astronomia.

E mi dedicherò tantissimo all’arte.

Se volete sostenermi in questo progetto, questo è l’account Instagram in cui sto pubblicando i miei progressi e i miei esperimenti: alex_drawings_art.

A settembre aprirò un negozio online su Etsy, dove metterò in vendita i miei lavori originali. Il negozio è già esistente, ma è vuoto in questo momento: appena sarà pronto pronto farò un post apposito.

In questi giorni sto lavorando sodo per produrre e progettare opere legate soprattutto alla natura, agli animali, al corpo umano, al cielo e all’astronomia, alla matematica.


Bozzetti per dei segnalibri

Ieri, nel tardo pomeriggio, mi sono distratta un poco facendo questi tre rapidi bozzetti per dei segnalibri:

Bosco innevato. Pismacolor Colored Pencils su carta Strathmore.
Zoom – Bosco innevato. 
Zoom – Bosco di betulle. Prismacolor Colored Pencils su carta Strathmore.
Zoom – “The early bird gets the worm…” . Prismacolor Colored Pencils su carta Strathmore.
Pagina dell’album, prima di ritagliare i segnalibri. 

E ne scelgo uno per la lettura corrente: la raccolta di racconti Storie della tua vita di Ted Chang, che contiene anche quello che da il titolo al libro e a cui si sono ispirati per il film di fantascienza Arrival dello scorso anno.

Lettura corrente – Ted Chang.

Un racconto che si è rivelato molto interessante.

Disegno: volpe addormentata

Ho fatto questo disegno come regalo per una mia cara amica.

Volpe addormentata, aprile 2017. Prismacolor Colored Pencils su carta Stathome Colored Pencil.



Confronto con la stessa volpe fatta il settembre scorso:

Stesso modello, diversi materiali, e diversi mesi di esercizio in più!


È la prima volta che regalo un disegno – se si esclude la “Volpe Ferita” per Marco, che però è ancora appeso in camera mia per motivi logistici. È una bella sensazione.

Ciao Anna ~